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Asbestos training

Asbestos Awareness Course

As members of the Independent Asbestos Training Providers (IATP) we can deliver asbestos training either at your premises or in our designated training room at our main office and workshop in Great Yarmouth.

We offer 3 different types of training Courses.

Asbestos Awareness (Category 1)
Asbestos Awareness & Specific Tasks (Category 2)
Asbestos Awareness Refresher

Our Asbestos Training Instructor

Our principle instructor Keith Mortlock has been teaching asbestos related courses since 2003 and has a great deal of practical knowledge. Keith has been a contracts manager for more than 35 years and has been associated with Asbestos and Insulation projects since 1977.

Keith delivers the training in a practical and interesting manner which has led to a large number of clients coming back year after year to refresh and update their knowledge. Clients also have the benefit of any of our four managers at the end of a phone to advise them, and should it be required, arrange a site visit to ensure that the correct procedures are being followed. We believe that this additional and continued support makes our training unique.

We have provided asbestos training for environmental health officers, safety officers, managers & contracts managers, supervisors & maintenance staff and construction workers covering all trades.

Asbestos Awareness (Category 1)

It is currently a requirement of the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012 regulation 10, that Asbestos Awareness Training should be given to all employees who, by the sheer nature of their work, could disturb and expose themselves to Asbestos.

The course content covers the following topics:-
•The history of asbestos and products which may contain it
•Health effects of exposure to asbestos
•Asbestos surveys
•RPE and PPE
•Emergency situations

This is normally a half-day course

Please Note - Awareness training is not enough if you plan to carry out any work with asbestos containing materials.

Asbestos Awareness & Specific Tasks (Category 2)

This course is designed for asbestos work that does not require a license -‘Non-licensable' Asbestos Work.

Asbestos Awareness & Specific Tasks is appropriate for those working with asbestos and lower risk asbestos containing materials only. We offer this training as an addition to our Asbestos Awareness course.

The course content covers Asbestos Awareness and specific tasks associated with the relevant trades for those on the course. These can be tailored to suit your own individual requirements. This course also allows the trainee a chance to perform particular tasks under the guidance of the Experienced Trainer.

Asbestos Awareness & Specific Tasks typically lasts for about 6 hours with a break for lunch.

Please note - in addition to this training - as per HSE asbestos essentials em6, workers need to be face-fit tested for RPE to ensure that it fits correctly. Any companies or indivuals undertaking this type of work should ensure that they have adequate insurance cover in place, have regular medicals and ensure that stringent record keeping takes place.

Important – This form of training is not sufficient for carrying out licensed work.

Asbestos Awareness Refresher Training

Refresher training is required every year or more often should methods, equipment or the type of works being undertaken change. We offer very competitive rates for this training, and course dates can be arranged to suit the clients needs.

All the above courses are held on a regular monthly basis. Prices are available on request and we offer discounts for Group Bookings. Contact us today for further information.

We are members of the IATP - Independent Asbestos training providers, which is recognized and supported by the HSE.


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